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Kalamata marina is situated in South Peloponnese, in the cove of the Messinian Gulf, 8 Km for the Kalamata International Airport (IATA: KLX). It is considered the ideal mooring place when passing from the Mediterranean and the Ionian Sea to the Aegean Sea. Kalamata marina has a capacity to accommodate 250 yachts with a maximum length of 25m and 3m draught.

Viewing the impressive mountain of Taigetus, Kalamata marina is situated literally next to the city’s center and the main harbor, thus being an integral part of the town of Kalamata. Guests of the marina are able to enjoy the entertainment and the services offered at the historical city of Kalamata.

Sailing Tip

All berths are equipped with electricity and potable water. There are dry docking facilities for about 150 boats, with a 60-ton travelift to facilitate the manoeuvre of boats in and out of the water. The marina offers a full range of technical services covering a wide range of maintenance and repair works.

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Kalamata Municipal Theater at kalamata

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Modern Theater

The Municipal theater of Kalamata was built in 1984. It has two stages, the central stage and the new stage.

Anastasi Beach

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Filoxenia Beach

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Akovitika Beach

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Dive Way

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Diving Center

We are located in the area of Kalamata at Peloponnesus - Greece. In our center we offer scuba diving courses from PADI & ANDI organizations and apnea - free diving courses from Free Diving Institute (FDI).

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