Palaiopoli Beach

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The beach of Palaiopolis is the largest on the island. It lies between the village of Avlemonas and the settlement of Skandia. The beach combines parts of pebbles and sand and is ideal for water sports - skiing, windsurfing, etc. Legend has it that goddess Aphrodite emerged at the sea of Palaiopolis so, if you explore the area, you will find the ancient baths of the Goddess!

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Tsakonas Canyon

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Near Mytata and Viaradika villages is Tsakonas canyon. It is an amazing trip, ideal for beginners.

Near Paleohora is Kakia Lagada Gorge. It isit is an amazing place for experienced canyoners.

Potamos Municipal Theater

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Modern Theater

The Municipal theater of Potamos is a beautiful small open theater, located in the road from Potamos village to Agia Pelagia. It can seat 800 people.

Kapsali Bay

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Diakofti Bay

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Agiou Nikolaou Bay

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Kapsali Fishing Shelter

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Small Harbor


Diakofti Fishing Shelter

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Small Harbor

Kyriakoulou beach is on the right cove after the cape between Chalkos and Kapsali. It is small, with white pebbles, green waters and high rocks, accessible by sea or through the gorge that starts at the cave of Agia Sophia, near Kalamos and has a small pond just before reaching the beach.

If you have just left the village of Kalamos, there are many swimming options nearby. Chalkos is one of the most popular beaches on the island, located just a few kilometers away - a pebbled beach with crystal blue waters! A canteen operates in the summer; you can also rent umbrellas and deck chairs and relax for hours.

Diakofti Beach

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Anyone who visits the beach Diakofti will be confused and wonder if they are in some exotic island! The water is shallow and turquoise and the color of the sand is white. Located on the northeast side of the island, in one of the most beautiful sites of Kythera next to the harbor, it is an ideal beach for young children because of its depth.


Between Kaladi and Komponada is the beach of Vlychada. There is a dirt road to the beach but it is very rough even for off-road vehicles.



Avlemonas Beach

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In the picturesque village of Avlemonas you can swim in the small creek at the center of the village. An ideal swimming choice for children as the area is surrounded with places where adults can have a meal, drink or coffee while attending the young swimmers.

Next to the port and beach of Kapsali lies the hidden beach of Sparagario. It is located in the end of the stream coming from Chora, between two steep slopes, like a canyon.

Just next to the beach of Lorentzos, at the end of the Paleochora canyon you’ll find Kakia Lagada. During the winter months, a large lake is created just behind the beach by the water coming from the gorge.

About 4 kilometers away from the village of Kalamos, after you pass a dirt road, you will reach the small cove of Vroulea. Its small port overlooks the islets Kapelo and Koufo.

Looking at the sea from the village of Agia Pelagia, you’ll see several beaches on your right; one of them is the beach of Lorentzo. Located between Firi Ammos and Kakia Lagada, it is one of the largest beaches on the island, with crystal clear water, sand and pebbles.

Komponada is one of the wildest beaches on the east part of the island. Located between Firi Ammos of Kalamos and Kaladi, it has large pebbles and very deep waters.

There are two beaches named Firi Ammos on the island. The first and most famous is in the southeast, near the village of Kalamos.

kapsali Beach

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Swimming in Kapsali beach is a treat: you get magnificent views of Chytra and the castle of Chora. The beach is organized with umbrellas, deck chairs and water bikes.

Feloti Beach

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At the entrance of Chora take the dirt road on the right; it will lead you to Feloti. The road is very dangerous and requires attention but the scenery will surprise you, as large rocks that slumped from the mountain of Agia Elessa have randomly set up on the slope.

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