Agia Pelagia Port at Cythera

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Harbor Agías Pelagías is the seaport of Potamós, the principal village of the island. Potamós is the most historic village, since it is the place where the most important events in the recent history of the island took place; even today it is regarded as the political center of the island.

Also, it is the principal harbor of the N part of the island, having frequent communications with Neápolis of Pelopónnisos, Gýtheio, Monemvasiá and Antikýthira. Immediately inland stand the houses of Agía Pelagía settlement.

The harbor is protected from ESE winds by a mole, which extends N for 190 m and continues NE for 40 m. The outer side of the mole is made of natural boulders, the inner side is quayed. A fishing shelter has been constructed near the root of the mole.

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Kythera Hiking Map

Kythera Hiking Map

Scale: 1:35.000
Edition: June 2009

This is the first GIS map of the Kythera , meaning that this is the first time the island is mapped with a topographic precision in proportion to the map scale.

Navigational Aids

Near Paleohora is Kakia Lagada Gorge. It isit is an amazing place for experienced canyoners.

Potamos Municipal Theater

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Modern Theater

The Municipal theater of Potamos is a beautiful small open theater, located in the road from Potamos village to Agia Pelagia. It can seat 800 people.

Plateia Ammos Cove

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Agia Pelagia

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The village of Agia Pelagia is located at the northeast side of the Kithira island and was the island`s main harbor for many years. Today, it is a famous village with many good restaurants and shops.

Agia Pelagia Fishing Shelter

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Small Harbor

An alternative proposal for the northeast coast. With smooth dirt road between Karava and Platia Ammo we reach the beach Fournoi.

Looking at the sea from the village of Agia Pelagia, you’ll see several beaches on your right; one of them is the beach of Lorentzo. Located between Firi Ammos and Kakia Lagada, it is one of the largest beaches on the island, with crystal clear water, sand and pebbles.

Just next to the beach of Lorentzos, at the end of the Paleochora canyon you’ll find Kakia Lagada. During the winter months, a large lake is created just behind the beach by the water coming from the gorge.



Platia Ammos Beach

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In the village Platia Ammos, on the northern part of the island, you can swim and enjoy the view of the Peloponnesian coast and mountains just opposite you. The combination of pebbles and sand beach and the picturesque village surrounding it will make you relax.