Porto Kagio Port

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Sailing Tip

Harbor Kágio (Pórto Kágio or Vráchos or Psammathoús in ancient times) is a natural harbor, which affords shelter to small vessels. It is located 1.8 miles N of cape Kistérnes. Its entrance faces E and has an opening of about 0.25 miles.

Almost in the middle of the W shores of the harbor an E-facing cove is formed, with depths of less than 5 m inside it. The SE coasts of the harbor are quayed for 57 m, with depths of about 1 m near them. At the N end of the quay there is a jetty with depths of about 2 m at its end.

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Secluded beach with white pebble and blue water. Access by boat or just walking from the main road that you must leave the car.

Porto Kagio Beach

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At Bathi, the southernmost tip of the Laconian Gulf. A beautiful, sandy and secluded beach in Laconia.


Marmariou Beach

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A sand-hidden surprise among the bare hills on the road to Vathia Tenaro, on the southwestern tip of the Mani peninsula.If you come early in the summer season you will likeley meet the occasional pair of Greek or German bikers, but during the high season campers are frequent.

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