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The Corinthian Gulf is a fiordlike extension of the Ionian Sea, watering the northern coast of the Peloponnese and the western mainland of Greece. Corinthian Gulf is famous for the Delphi Ancient Town, the center of world as concidered by the Ancient Greeks. The sea is calm and the nature is stunning.

The recently built Rio-Antirio Bridge crosses the Gulf of Corinth closed to Patras and the most famous Corinth Canal connects the Saronic Gulf and the Corinthian Gulf at Istmòs / Corinth. The gulf has an extended coastline in all three regions Aetoloakarnania, Achaia and Ilia and the geomorphology of the area presents a wide variety, including mountains, big natural lakes and rivers. Western Greece is the place of various archaeological sites and a rich cultural infrastructure.

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Aigialeia is a region covering the northeastern part of the Achaia prefecture in Peloponnese. The main places are Aigio, Diakofto, Akrata, Longos, Selianitika and Aigeira with a vast number of beautiful beaches and a crystal clear sea.



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Corinth is the capital of the prefecture, An administrative, commercial, financial and cultural center of the region withbeautiful pedestrian walkways, the city lures visitors to stroll, drink a cup of coffee and shop, as well as explore the many monuments, museums and historical sites.



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At the foot of Mount Parnassos, within the angle formed by the twin rocks of the Phaedriades, lies the Pan-Hellenic sanctuary of Delphi, which had the most famous oracle inancient Greece. Delphi was regarded as the center of the world.


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The municipality of Distomo-Arachova-Antikyra with the traditional, mountainous villages, the spectacular natural landscapes and the amazing beaches offer a great number of options.


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The municipality of Dorida is situated in Central Greece, in the foot of Mount Giona and the hillside of Vardousia. Its southern part is washed by the Gulf of Corinth.

Dytiki Achaia

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Dytiki (West) Achaia is one of the most beautiful parts in southern Greece. The visitor is to bestunned by the sudden changes in the scenery, the exquisite beaches as well as the popular resorts on the slopes of Erymanthos and Panahaikos.

Iera Poli Mesolongiou

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Green parks, recreation areas, the lagoon, its history but also local pubs, taverns and fishmonger's shops make Messolonghi, the capital of the prefecture of Aitoloakarnania, an attractive place.


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Kalavryta is comprised of many beautiful villages, each offering a direct contactwith nature. Natural beauty, old-stoned mansions and houses, magnificent routes, taverns with excellent local dishes and numerous traditional hotels and hostels are to be found in Kalavryta.


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Mandra-Eidyllia is a modern Municipality in the west Attica regional unit with mountains of infinite beauty, lovely beaches, taverns with local meat and traditional food.


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Nafpaktos, the capital of the Municipality of Nafpaktia, is a beautiful historic and picturesque town built amphitheatrically next to the sea with a beautifully preserved Venetian castle, one of the finest in the country.



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The largest city in the Peloponnese and Achaïa’s capital, Patra is named after King Patreas, who ruled Achaïa around 1100 BC.


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Kiato, the seat of the municipality of Sikyona, is located 22 kilometers from Corinth and occupies most of the coastal section. It is a beautiful seaside resort surrounded by a fertile area, mainly cultivated with vineyards, apricot, orange, lemon and other fruit trees.


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Thiva, the birthplace of Hercules and Dionysos, is built on the place of the ancient town in a fertile plain and has been continuously inhabited since the Prehistoric era.


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The Municipality of Velo-Vocha, is a place with rich natural, historical and cultural heritage, remarkable religious monuments, tourist coastal settlements, sandy beaches and hospitable residents.


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Xylokastro–Evrostina is one of the best spots in Peloponnese to use as your starting point for excursions to southern Greece's picturesque villages, archeological sites and Byzantine monuments. Plus, there are amazing places of natural beauty to discover.

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