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Vartholomio is a flat hamlet in the Prefecture of Elis and is the seat of the homonymous municipality. It is located in the western part of the prefecture, next to the point where Pinios river turns south to eventually flow into the Ionian Sea, opposite the island of Zakynthos.

It is situated in the northwest part of of Pyrgos, 32 km away, whereas it is linked to the new motorway of Patra - Pyrgos through Gastouni. It is also connected by road to the main urban centers of the region as well as to the port of Kyllini.

A long sandy beach, about 4 km away from Vartholomio, with crystal clear turquoise water, ideal for swimming. The road to the beach crosses the famous forest of the Thines. This artificial forest was planted in around 1950 so as to protect the crops from the dunes in the area. Thines is rich in aesthetic value; it spreads over an area of nearly 16,000 acres, full of pine, eucalyptus and acacia trees.

Visit also the Monastery of Virgin Maria Eleouas which is about 10 km from Vartholomio, near the village of Lygia which dates from the 9th century and has been repeatedly damaged. The remnants a church and a tower which has been restored. It served as refuge for monks in times of invasion. There is also a cave with stalactites next to the monastery, the water of which is considered to be holy.

Vartholomio combines natural beauty with a modern tourism infrastructure providing high quality services to visitors. The picturesque hamlet is also ideal for short but long-distance trips.

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