Katakolo Harbor

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The harbor is open to the NE and its inner part is protected from waves caused by SW–SE winds by a windward curved mole, which extends E for 350 m and then continues NE for 260 m. At its head a light operates. Its outer side is protected by natural boulders. Its inner side is quayed and has depths of 1–2.5 m for 350 m from the root to the head and of 8.5–9 m for the rest part.

A quay of 100 m in length, with depths of 5.9–6.7 m near it extends NW of the inner root of the curved mole. The central mole of the harbor, 230 m in length extends to NE, is at the NW end of the quay. Depth near its sides is 6.6–7.3 m. At its head there is a ramp. From the root of the N side of the mole starts a quay which extends NNW for 104 m and has depths of 2.9–3.3 m near it. From the NW end of the quay the quayed W coasts of the harbor extend NNE for 200 m and have depths of less than 1 m near them.

Marina Katakólou is formed immediately N of the quay. It is open to the S and has an entrance opening of 200 m. The marina can accommodate 140 vessels. From its NE end a rock ballasting extends for 150 m to the E. Depths inside the harbor, which decrease due to silting from the estuary of the river Alfeiós, are 6–8 m, with the exception of the NW part, where they are less than 5 m.

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Katakolou Beach

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Sun Odyssey 479 Class

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Sailing Yacht for Charter

  • Berths 10
  • Built 2017
  • Length 47.00 ft


Leventochoriou Beach

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The small and large beach Levendochori. Both are characterized by dark sand and rocks that surround it.

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