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Pyrgos combines its ancient past with contemporary life. It is located 308 km away from Athens, 19 km from Ancient Olympia and 12 km from the tourist port of Katakolo. George Tserotas was the city’s founder; Pyrgos was built by him and took its name by a tower (Pyrgos means tower) on one of the seven hills formed in the city.

Pyrgos is the commercial hub of the wider region and one of the greatest centers of dried raisin in Greece. The climate is Mediterranean, with warm summers and heavy rainfall in the winter, which is the reason why it is one of the most fertile regions in the country. The city of Pyrgos follows the modern architecture of Greek cities.

Its main attractions are the central square with the monument of the Unknown Soldier, the cathedral and the city hall. The large square, surrounded by cafes, owes its present state to the worldfamous shipowner John Latsis, who financed its rebuilding. Resorts in Pyrgos are of high caliber, due to their renovation on the occasion of the Olympic Games in 2004 along with other kinds of accommodation.

The picturesque port of Katakolo is within walking distance. There, one can find traditional taverns along the quay offering value for money. Behind the quay, the street of Katakolo is full of luxury and tourist shops. In the wider region of Pyrgos, there are countless archaeological sites and monuments, the most significant of which is Ancient Olympia, known worldwide for the Olympic flame ceremony.

Other sites to visit is the “Agora” of Ancient Elis, Figalia, a monument of the Minoan era; the Castle of Glarentza in the nearby town of Kyllini and the Mycenaean cemetery of Holy Trinity. In addition, both the archaeological museum in Pyrgos and the Olympic Games museum in Olympia are open throughout the year. Finally, for relaxation and fun for both children and adults, visit the beaches at Spiantzas and Skafidias.

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Katakolo Harbor

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The harbor is open to the NE and its inner part is protected from waves caused by SW–SE winds by a windward curved mole, which extends E for 350 m and then continues NE for 260 m. At its head a light operates.

Lagoon 39 Class

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Catamaran for Charter

  • Berths 10
  • Built 2016
  • Length 39.00 ft


Skafidia Small Harbor

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Small Harbor


Agios Andreas Beach

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The area combines sea and mountain slopes which are built in Katakolon and Saint Andrew. Rocky beach.

Katakolou Beach

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Bavaria Cruiser 40 Economy

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Sailing Yacht for Charter

  • Berths 7
  • Built 2012
  • Length 40.00 ft


Leventochoriou Beach

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The small and large beach Levendochori. Both are characterized by dark sand and rocks that surround it.

Skafidia Beach

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Located a few meters away from the Skafidia Monastery. Clean and lively sea, with the characteristic of the rocky beach, a small water source.

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