Vasilikis Harbor

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Harbor Vasilikís (38°37’.7 N – 20°36’.4 E) is located in the E part of the head of the namesake bay, in front of Vasilikí village. It is open NW and comprises two basins: the S and the N one.

The S basin is formed between the S (outer) breakwater, which is 110 m long and has a light flashing green, and a jetty, which is 130 m long that extends NW, with a light flashing green as well.

The E coasts of the basin are quayed for about 270 m, with depths of 3–5 m. On the quayed SE coasts there is a ramp, used for mooring by the ferries that connect the harbor to Itháki island and Kefallinía island.

The entrance of the N basin is formed by the above mentioned jetty and by a jetty that lies 120 m NE of its head and extends for 40 m SW. On its head lies a jetty that extends for 20m SE.

Its inner coasts are quayed for about 360 m with depths of 1m near them. Mostly pleasure boats moor stern to the N basin. The harbor has a holding ground of sand and mud.

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Central market of Lefkada

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Shopping Street

Α walk in the pedestrian street of the central market with its many shops and cafés in the west coast of the island is ideal for all tastes. The Central Market is next to the Venetian canal, which allows guests to enjoy the magical sunset in Gira.

Sun Odyssey 490 Prestige (6Cab)

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Sailing Yacht for Charter

  • Berths 12
  • Built 2019
  • Length 49.00 ft

Yacht Café Bar

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Yacht Café Bar is located at the waterfront of Sivota and it stands out of the wooden yacht just outside. On the deck there are tables and chairs so visitors can enjoy their coffee or a drink.


Another famous beach of Lefkada. And here the beauty of the beach can be seen , from the view of the descending the 300 steps leading to the beach.

Close your eyes and see the white pebbles and crystal clear waters and quiet. For lovers of isolation, can be reached by boat or by road from Agios Nikolaos Niras along the road leading to the lighthouse and turn left (dirt road).

Excess 11 Prestige

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Catamaran for Charter

  • Berths 10
  • Built 2021
  • Length 37.00 ft


Kalos Beach at Vasiliki

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Small remote beach with sand and pebbles, lush greenery and blue waters. The beach is located between Vasiliki and Agiofili.

Excellent, secluded beach at the foot of a huge rock. Bring your supplies and swim in crystal clear waters overlooking the peninsula of white.

After the beach Agiofili the tip of the peninsula, under the camping Kastri will find a pretty little beach with sand, white pebbles and crystal clear waters. Access by boat.

Among the villages and Marantochori Kontarena, turn to the bay and beach Kastri Ammousso. After 5 km you will reach the beach on the beach 'Ammousso, a small bay with fine pebbles and water.


Located on the south side of the island next to Agiofili. If you do not follow the dirt road from Marantochori, about 5 km, you have to catch a boat from Vassiliki or walk.

When you reach the beach by Ammousa Marantochori turn left and follow the dirt road for about 800ria measures. You will find yourself in a tiny cove with white pebbles and crystal clear waters.

Vasiliki beach

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The beach of Vasiliki is 37 kilometres south of the capital of the island.Vassiliki is fairly quiet at the start and end of the summer season, but really comes to life in July and August when it is recognised as one of the windsurfing capitals of Europe.

Nautilus Diving Club

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Diving Center

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