Discover Greek Backgammoning

Exploring Freeness during Sailing Holidays in Greece

Backgammon is one of the oldest games and the most popular among Greeks. It’s called “Tavliâ€￾ in Greek. Usually players tease their opponent, creating a vibrant and entertaining atmosphere. Although backgammon is an interesting game and a visit in Greece is a great opportunity to learn from a local player.

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Laouti beach is the water-sports lovers’ favorite destination on the island. Enjoy the crystal waters and the sandy shore and rest yourselves in the seaside cafes and restaurants.


Nea Kios Beach

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In Nea Kios beach, since 1995, every summer takes place a backgammon tournament. It is organized by the NE Peloponnese Paraplegic Association in collaboration with the Association of Friends of Backgammon.


The traditional cafenion of Sivas (cafe) is among the unique cafes in Greece. The walls are covered with Orthodox icons, proverbs, quotes and serenades.


"Houston" at Skala

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Cafenion (traditional cafe) is located in Skala, Patmos. It is 180 years old and the current owners are trying to keep the style and the traditional environment of Houston.

The traditional cafe, Kura- Rhnhs (Ms Irene’ cafe) is located in Agios Dimitrios, Agiasos. It is a small, picturesque cafenion, which travel visitors to the past.


Choreutis cafenion (Dancer in Greek) is located in Tholaria village. It is operated more than 50 years and as the current owner (past owner`s son) says, his father was not only kafetzis (coffee maker), but a shoemaker, a butcher and a barber.


Sarantauga cafe

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Sarantauga, which means 40 eggs in Greek, is located in the central market of Heraklion and is an old traditional cafe dated back to 1924. A story says that the grandfather of the current owner, who was the founder, used to like many eggs, so he gave that name to his cafe.

It is the oldest cafe in Amorgos, operated continuously since 1950. It is located in the main road of Katapola, in front of the harbor.

Actually, there are two quite old stores one next to each other, a cafe and a mini market. It is a small traditional cafe, which offers coffee, sweets and small dishes with cheese, hamon and vegetables.