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Exploring Cuisine during Sailing Holidays in Greece

Tsipouro is a traditional Greek drink, similar to ouzo, and as strong and delicious as ouzo. Tsipouro is available in every place in Greece and it’s combined with fresh fish and seafood “mezedakiaâ€￾(snacks). The region of Thessaly, Volos and Sporades Islands are associated with tsipouro production. Travelers can visit small picturesque villages and see the production process of the delightful tsipouro!

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Mylopotamos Winery

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The famous wine and tsipouro of Mount Athos is produced at Mylopotamos winery. The famous vines of Chalkidiki produce a very unique type of wine and amazing tsipouro.


Tirnavos Wineries

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The wineries of Tirnavos are famous all over the world for their traditional products, mostly tsipouro and ouzo. The tsipouro of Tirnavos is a protected designated product.