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Exploring Cuisine during Sailing Holidays in Greece

Every place in Greece has its own “gastronomic historyâ€￾, which is based on traditional recipes and products. A trip to Greece means a fascinating exploration of gastronomic surprises, tastes and weird traditional combinations. Locals, especially elderly one, are always happy to reveal their delicious secrets. Cooking “Favaâ€￾ in Santorini or “pastitsadaâ€￾ in Kefalonia with locals will be an unforgettable experience.

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Mykonian House

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The estate Mykonian Spiti, which means House Of Mykonos, is located at the center of Mykonos in a private familiar environment of 350 m² with traditional stone architectural style and a garden. The kitchen area and the interior of the restaurant are ideal for the courses, with pergolas, skylights and the garden.

At ‘Vegera’ restaurant in Zaros village, visitors can participate in the cooking procedure, with local women showing traditional Cretan recipes. Visitors could help Vivi, the owner, during the preparation of the daily menu!

Cooked in virgin olive oil using only fresh ingredients, would be ready to be savored by visitors on spot.