Feast of Saint Marina at Archangelos

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This beach is 38 km South East of the city of Rhodes and 10 km from Lindos in a beautiful bay and is very close to Haraki beach. (10 km of an, easy to drive on, dirt road).

The pebbly beach of Kolymbia is situated at a distance of some 24 kilometers southern to the town of Rhodes, within a small cove. As it is very close to the famous Epta Piges (seven springs), just 6 kilometers far away, the place is overgrown, with a family, quiet, but also modern atmosphere.

The sandy beach of Tsambika is situated at the eastern coast of the island, at a distance of 26 kilometers far from the town of Rhodes, close to the famous monastery of Panaghia Tsambika, within a fascinating natural environment. Accommodation is available in the area around , at the nearby tourist resorts, whereas a few cantinas by the sea are available in the beach for snacks and refreshments.

On the right you will find peace and quiet and a family atmosphere, while on the left a private beach for guests of the one and only hotel, occupied mainly by groups from Germany. The beach is located just 500 meters along the road from Archangelos, and is the ideal bathing place for the local villagers.

The Charaki is a nice surprise for those who discover it, in a very quiet atmosphere, clearly limpid waters suitable for exploration of bottom with mask, small fishing boats moored in the harbor, fresh fish taverns and above all the imposing castle Feraklou - old base for pirates, that became the first fortress of Rhodes after its conquest by the Knights. The beach Charaki will offer a family environment, ideal for those who travel with young family members.

Malonas Bay

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