Alimia Islet Beach at Alimia Nisida

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The islet of Alimia is situated at the West of the island of Rhodes, some 4 nautical miles opposite to Skala Kameirou and today it has no permanent residents. It is the bigger from a complex of skerries located between Rhodes and Chalki. The island is mountainous and has two natural ports, Emporio and Aghios Georgios. At the latter it is found the unique settlement of the islet, which is abandoned since the World War II. The settlement has nice stone houses with traditional ovens and beautiful beehive-like farmhouses. Close enough to the settlement there are found the Italian barracks, today totally abandoned. Today, the residents of the opposite coast use the island as pasture for their stock, sheep and goats. Small excursion boats, departing from Skala Kameirou, get the visitors to the island, for a daily excursion and swimming in the excellent crystal clear sea. Archaeological surveys on the islet have showed human activity on it is dated as early as the Neolithic period. The ancient settlers of the island were occupied in agriculture and stock-rearing and fed on fish and sea food, abundant here. Pliny refers to the island as Eulimnia, an allusion to its natural ports (eulimnia in Greek means with a good port). The ports of the islet were used for the mooring of the Rhodian fleet, whereas the hill at the center served as watch-tower. This hill, known as the hill of the Castle, preserves the remains of a fortress of the Hellenistic period, as well as the ruins of a medieval castle. There is also evidence of dockyards carved in the rock, which date to the Hellenistic period. Finally, there have been found: a tomb of the Roman period, an Early Christian basilica and ruins of several other buildings of various periods. The islet was used as naval base during the Byzantine times, a use that continued later on, during the domination of Rhodes by the Knights of St. John, by the Ottomans and more recently by the Italians. Access to the islet is possible by excursion boats departing from Skala Kameirou.

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Navigational Aids

Emporeio Port

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Lagoon 46 Fly Prestige

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Catamaran for Charter

  • Berths 10
  • Built 2020
  • Length 46.00 ft


The port of Kameiros is located at the western shores of the creek Longónia and up to a distance of approximately 1 mile to the east of cape Kopriá. Ferry and small vessels that connect the island with the islands of Chálki, Tílos, Sými, Kárpathos and Kásos use the above motioned port.


Potamos Bay

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Emporeio of Chalki Bay

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Dufour 385 Economy

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Sailing Yacht for Charter

  • Berths 7
  • Built 2006
  • Length 38.00 ft

Alimia Bay

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Actually, there are two quite old stores one next to each other, a cafe and a mini market. It is a small traditional cafe, which offers coffee, sweets and small dishes with cheese, hamon and vegetables.

The rocky beach of Glyfada is situated at a distance of 72 kilometers southwestern to the town of Rhodes, at the center of the western coast of the island. It is a beach ideal for those looking for a clean sea far from the big crowds.

Kalamos beach is a part of Apolakia bay. Sandy beach with a few pebbles and very remote.


Pebbly beach near Amartos in Kritinia. Finding your way there is a little difficult but worth's it.

Pontamos Beach

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Pontamos, the only sandy beach, is 10 minutes walk from Emborio, up the concrete road, over the ridge into the next bay. It has a tavern, a cantina, and sun-beds with umbrellas for hire.

Kania Beach

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Kania is a small pebbled beach accessible by bus, taxi or private means. This beach is also reachable from Nimporio within a 30 minutes walk.


The bay of Apolakkia is situated at a distance of some 80 kilometers southwestern to the town of Rhodes. It is a very long beach of outstanding beauty, which at the same time is an important protected biotope.


At the beach of Skala Kameirou, serving as the port of the inland village of Kretenia, you will not find the thick, long sand, or the good organization of the rest of the resorts; but, you will find clean, crystal clear sea and calmness and you will enjoy swimming within an excellent environment of luxuriant green. The beach is situated at a distance of some 51 kilometers southwestern to the capital town of Rhodes and 4,5 kilometers northern to the scenic inland village of Kretenia.

The remote beach of Kopria is a nice surprise for the visitor of the southwestern coast of the island. The beach is situated at a distance of some 45 kilometers southwestern to the town of Rhodes, at a short distance after Mantriko and 6 kilometers before arriving to Skala Kameirou.

Yiali Beach

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On the beach of Yialos, there you will see a small pebble beach on the south coast. The pebbles are white and large.

Areta Beach

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One of the most deserted beautiful, beaches on the island of Chalki. Not to be missed for its crystal clear waters - a snorkellers paradise.

The pebbly beach of Fournoi is situated at a distance of some 78 kilometers far from the town of Rhodes, at the Southwest, almost at the center of the western coast of Rhodes. It is ideal for those who wish to avoid big crowds at the beach.

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