Emporeio Port

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The port of Emporeió is situated at the head of the bay Emporeió. The port consists of a pier that is set to the east, sized 50 x 50 m, with bollards positioned alongside and with depths of 7.1 m at its head and less than 5 m at its sides.

The pier is used for the mooring of the ferryboats that connect the island with the other nearby islands, as well as for other, smaller vessels. A wooden, floating jetty has been constructed in a distance of approximately 70 m, which is removed in winter.

The shores of the bay’s head that lie to the north and the south of the pier are quayed for approximately 100 m, with nearby depths of approximately 1.5 m at the southern quay and with depths less than 1 m at the northern quay.

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Emporeio of Chalki Bay

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Sun Odyssey 509 Economy

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Sailing Yacht for Charter

  • Berths 10
  • Built 2012
  • Length 50.00 ft

Alimia Bay

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Potamos Bay

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Pontamos Beach

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Pontamos, the only sandy beach, is 10 minutes walk from Emborio, up the concrete road, over the ridge into the next bay. It has a tavern, a cantina, and sun-beds with umbrellas for hire.

Astrea 42 Maestro Prestige

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Catamaran for Charter

  • Berths 10
  • Built 2021
  • Length 42.00 ft

Kania Beach

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Kania is a small pebbled beach accessible by bus, taxi or private means. This beach is also reachable from Nimporio within a 30 minutes walk.

Areta Beach

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One of the most deserted beautiful, beaches on the island of Chalki. Not to be missed for its crystal clear waters - a snorkellers paradise.

Yiali Beach

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On the beach of Yialos, there you will see a small pebble beach on the south coast. The pebbles are white and large.

The islet of Alimia is situated at the West of the island of Rhodes, some 4 nautical miles opposite to Skala Kameirou and today it has no permanent residents. It is the bigger from a complex of skerries located between Rhodes and Chalki.

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