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Sifnos, the island of Apollo, is a beautiful mountainous island located in the western part of the group of Greek islands called the Cyclades. Quite a verdant island, Sifnos, is full of olive trees which create a beautiful scenery along with the glimmering white of the flat roofed houses, the deep blue and turquoise sea and the bright red and fuchsia of the bougainvilleas. Unique traditional villages, organized or secluded beaches, and 227 churches spread around the island are waiting to be discovered.

Navigational Aids

Faros Harbor

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Faros or Pharos is a bay on the SE side of Sifnos which provides good shelter from the meltemi (the Etesians). You can anchor either to the S of Cape Petalos or off the village.

Bavaria 44 Vision Economy

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Sailing Yacht for Charter

  • Berths 7
  • Built 2007
  • Length 44.00 ft

Vathy Harbor

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Port Vathy is definitely the safest anchorage in Sifnos, if gusty due to the meltemi (the Etesians) (the Etesians). It is a pleasant setting, if somewhat remote from the rest of the island, with a nice sandy beach.

Kamares Harbor

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Kamares is the only harbor in Sifnos. While it provides good shelter from the meltemi (the Etesians) (the Etesians), it seems to have a constant swell, this swell is very uncomfortable and at times can be dangerous.

Herronisos Anchorage

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Astrea 42 Maestro Prestige

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Catamaran for Charter

  • Berths 10
  • Built 2021
  • Length 42.00 ft

Hliovasilema (Sunset)

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Hliovasilema is a beautiful restaurant that offers the famous honey-pies of Sifnos. This is an Aegean cheesecake prepared with honey and unsalted mizithra or ricotta cheese.

Apokoftos is a picturesque bay that lies on the left side of Chrissopigi, only 2 km from Apollonia, the capital of Sifnos. The beach consists of sand and white pebbles while rocks and crystalline waters compose an idyllic surrounding that attracts many visitors.

The isolated beach of Saoures lies at the southeastern part of Apollonia just 8klm away. In order to reach the beach, follow the path near ‘Panagia of Chrissopigi’.

The small picturesque sandy beach located in Glyfo Bay Lighthouse , opposite Faro Beach on the southeastern coast of the island. It is located 7 kilometers south of Apollonia, has a length of 150 meters is a fairly quiet beach, ideal for a relaxing bath.

Beach Vlychada is a small, sandy, secluded beach on the west side of the island. It is totally unorganized and provides the perfect place to enjoy some privacy.


Vathy Beach

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Beach Vathy is a lovely picturesque bay lying on the souwestern side of Sifnos. This golden beach streches for more than 1 kilometre and it is arguably one of the most beautiful areas of Sifnos for the crystalline shallow waters and an amazing surrounding of high cliffs.


Small, secluded, pebbled beach near Cheronissos. Difficult access.

Tsocha Beach at Vathu

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Small, deserted beach on the west coast with difficult access. Perfect for lovers of hiking and isolation.

Seralia Beach at Kastro

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Seralia is a very small, only 30 meters, pebbled beach on the southeast side of the island. Near the beach there are tavernas, cafes, etc.

Small sandy beach on the South coast. Totally secluded with difficult access from path or by boat.

Poulati is a rocky beach in the East side of the island, situated in a small distance at the north of Kastro. There is a pathway from Kastro leading to Poulati but the main road is via Artemonas.

Platys Gialos is a golden sand beach and one of the largest in the complex of Cyclades islands. It is a well-organized beach that attracts many visitors and it is annually awarded by the European Union’s Blue Flag.

The small rocky coast of Epta Martyres (“seven martyrs” in Greek) is situated just below Kastro, a bit northern to the village, in front of the homonymous country church, at a distance of 4 kilometers eastern to Apollonia. Access from Kastro is possible on foot, stepping down the stairs leading down to the sea; you will follow the signs indicating “Epta Martyres”.

Kamares Beach

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Kamares is by far the best beach of the island and has been awarded for many consecutive years with EU's Blue Flag for the water quality, the organization and safety. It's a long, sandy beach and has shallow waters that are warm throughout the day.

Herronisos Beach

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Herronisos is the northern cape of Sifnos . A narrow band of land connects the cape with the main island.


Reaching Fikiada is a small but also pleasant adventure! The joy of the sun and the sea on the sandy beach will be your reward! An environment of extreme beauty will accompany your way to Fikiada. Don't forget that you will need some extra time for your return because of the slightly steep ground.

Fasolou Beach at Faros

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Fasolou is a wonderful sandy beach with good road access is within walking distance to the SE of the lighthouse in a small creek which appears in the Lighthouse Cove. The small picturesque sandy beach Fasolou located next to the Lighthouse Beach on the southeastern coast of the island at a distance of about 7 km south of Apollonia.

Faros Beach

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The beach of Faros is ideal for young swimmers since its calm waters are not deep. It offers every tourist’s facility needed.


Vroulidia is a small, pebbly beach 14km away from Apollonia. Although it is one of the lesser known beaches of Sifnos, its unspoilt beauty along with its emerald waters will make you love it.

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