Chora to Livadi Hiking trail

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Route starts from the square of Mills in Chora. The biggest part of the trail is paved, and only the last part is an asphalt road. The route passes from Castro, Agios Ioannis Theologos, a small church built in the rock and offers a magnificent view to the Aegean sea. Then, the path leads to a neoclassic building and then by following the signing through the narrow streets, hikers get to the settlement of Varda with the church of Evaggelistria. Then at Kato Chora, there is the church of Stavros with a fountain, ideal for resting and replenish with water. Then the road takes to Panagia Xecourastra and the church of Agios Isidoros, only 1.3klm, away from Livadi. From here to Livadi the path continues on the asphalt road.

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Livadi Harbor

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Livadi (meadow) is the only harbor in the island. There are two alternatives here.

Dufour 375 Economy

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Sailing Yacht for Charter

  • Berths 8
  • Built 2011
  • Length 37.00 ft

Taverna Petros

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Some of the traditional foods of Serifos are sun-dried tomatoes, delicious chickpeas, fava, local sausages, skepastaria and sour cheese. In Taverna Petros, visitors can taste these delightful bites, the so-called mezedes.


Livadi Beach

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The beach of Livadi is on the south-eastern side of Serifos, 4.5 km below Chora.

Livadakia is one of the most popular sandy beaches on Serifos, situated on the south-western side of the island below Chora, the beautiful capital. This area has many beaches as well, like Livadi, and Avlomonas beach, but usually Livadakia is the most crowded.

Nautitech 47 Power Prestige

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Catamaran for Charter

  • Berths 10
  • Built 2019
  • Length 47.00 ft

Lia Beach at Livadi

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Lia is one of the very well reputed beaches on Serifos on the north-eastern shore at 5 km east of the harbour of Livadi and is surrounded by great scenery. The road leading to Lia beach begins at the end of the harbour of Livadi, so it is not difficult to find.

If we continue after the right turn for Lia beach, we will come to the hill from where Agios Sostis double beach starts to become visable. The one beach looks to the south whereas the second beach faces the north.

Psili Ammos is one of the most popular beaches on Serifos located on the east coast, at about 8 km north from the port of Livadi. The available options for reaching Psili Ammos are on foot, which takes around an hour from Livadi; or by moped, which rentals are available at the port as well.

Agios Ioannis Beach

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A small beach (approximately 4 kilometers) with sand and pebbles and the beautiful country church of Agios Ioannis. The near-by beaches on this side of the island end here.

You will arrive here if you follow the path from Kentarhos village. The beach is ideal for swimming and there are few trees that provide shade.

Platys Gialos Beach

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The beach of Platys Gialos belongs to two small sandy bays underneath the village of Kentarchos, on the northern coast of Serifos, which allows including the visit to both locations on the same trip. Platys Gialos beach is small and sandy.

Sykamia Beach

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Sykamia is a beautiful beach in the northwest of Serifos. Two large rocks create a sheltered bay with sandy beach in one of the few places on the island with vegetation.


Serifos Scuba Divers

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Diving Center

The Serifos Scuba Divers school was established in early 2008 by people who love the sea and spend much of their time there. In addition to their extensive CVs and rich experience, the training staff are mainly known for their consistency and patience with difficult tasks.

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