Ammoudi Beach at Ormos Ammoudiou

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Ammoudi beach can be accessed either via the road (by car, mule, on foot) that leads to it or through the steps from Goulas, Oia. In the first case it takes 20-25 walking along the paved road to arrive at the bottom of the cliff. The route included a pretty view to the cliff and the sheer red rocks that looks to be on fire as they are lightened by the sun rays. In the second case, the 214 step-descending takes 10-15 minutes and it is not enough to enjoy the cliff view with the cave houses perched in it. The route seems short thanks to the scenery that surrounds the steps and to the sea one can see at the bottom. The steps lead to a small bay next to Ammoudi port where small boats and fish-caiques are ancored. There are afew traditional restaurants serving fresh fish at Ammoudi port. Given that it is close to Oia village, it is often full of people yet there several facilities for the swimmers.

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Navigational Aids

Bavaria 38 Cruiser Economy

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Sailing Yacht for Charter

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Sunset Viewpoint

Oia is the most famous village of Santorini, a traditional village with small houses, narrow streets and blue domed churches. In Oia visitors can find many tavernas, cafes and tourist shops.

The Santorini Nautical Museum is located in the town of Oia. It was founded in 1956 and it is housed in a mansion since 1990.

The Museum of Ancient, Byzantine and post-Byzantine Musical Instruments are housed in the old Community building of Oia in Santorini. The interesting collection of Mr Halaris, a famous musician, includes musical instruments that date from 2,800 B.

Bali 4.3 Class

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Catamaran for Charter

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Oia Anchorage

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It is a reasonably shelter from the meltemi but there is almost always some swell. There is a small pier with about 6 m depth but it usually crowded with fishing boats.


Kouloumbo Beach

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From the beaches at the North East part of Santorini, Kouloumbo (or Columbo) is the greatest. It is a long sandy beach of unique beauty nestled next to a cliff and the last one in Santorini that is not organised at all.

The Mpaxedes, called Paradise Beach is entirely north of the island, 3 km NE of Oia. It starts about 1 km after the Pori (direction north), is black in color and extends about 5 km almost to the Cape Mavropetra.

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