Kleftiko Beach at Xylokeratia

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In the southwest tip of Milos we come across the Kleftiko. Kleftiko is not a beach in its classical definition we all know, but it is a unique landscape that definitely needs a visit and why not also a swim.

The area of Kleftiko is a cluster of impressive volcanic white rocks standing in the turquoise waters and white rocks. Among them you will see many yachts and boats, as this scenery is only accessible by sea.

So get one of the boats from Adamas and take a trip to the Kleftiko area, in order to feel the magic of Milos, just like the pirates once did.

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Navigational Aids

Pollonia Harbor

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Bavaria 36 Economy

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Sailing Yacht for Charter

  • Berths 8
  • Built 2005
  • Length 36.00 ft


Adamas or Port Milos is the only harbor in Milos. It is near the end of Milos Bay, one of the largest natural harbors in the Mediterranean, which is the volcano`s caldera.

Glaronisia Rock Climbing Field at Glaronnisis

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Rock Climbing Field

Glaronisia are one of the best climbing fields in Greece. These islands are made of basalt and in the shape of six-sided wands.

Volcano of Milos

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Volcanic activity started in Milos 5 million years ago which created these amazing colors and landscapes in Milos. There are areas called geothermal fields which can be used to create energy.

Lagoon 39 Class

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Catamaran for Charter

  • Berths 10
  • Built 2016
  • Length 39.00 ft


Plaka Village

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Sunset Viewpoint

Plaka is the most scenic village of Milos island. At the top of the village there is a castle, which at night, gives visitors an amazing view of the stars.

Milos Theater

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Ancient Theater

Less than 1 km from Plaka is the ancient theater of Milos. It was built in third century BC.


Mandrakia Anchorage

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Klima Anchorage

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Milos Castle at Plaka

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In the 13th century, the Venetians established their presence by building the Castle of Milos, on the hill, which is called Prophet Elias and is about 280 meters high. The Castle survived but was vandalized from soldiers and pirates during the decades.

Armenaki Restaurant

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At Armenaki restaurant, visitors can taste fresh fish, traditional food and karpouzopita-- the most famous dessert of Milos. Karpouzopita is a pie made of watermelon.

Avanti Cafe

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Avanti is located in Pollonia. The café has both outdoor and indoor seating areas offering a view to the Aegean Sea.

Quiet beach with sand and rocks on the south side of the bay of Adamas, which will arrive following the road that runs from Agia Marina. Good choice for those who love fishing and snorkelling.


Near the village of Empoureiou in SW side of the edge of the gulf of Milos. Access is difficult and must follow a path, unless you go with your boat.

Quiet beach in south-west side of the Gulf of Milos, accessible by road from the church of Agia Marina. There is nothing special to offer in terms of experience rather than just a tavern by the sea.

Sand and pebbles in the bay of Adamas, next to Fatourena with a unique landscape. The area is one of the most important wetlands in the Cyclades and important stop for several migratory birds.

Papikinou is a large sandy beach with crystal clear waters and many trees for natural shade. It is also the only beach on the island, which is awarded with a blue flag.

Dekas Beach

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Dekas is a small beach on the south western side of Kimolos. Clean and relaxing, this is a great beach for couples and loneliners.

Ellinika Beach

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At this place Geometric period pottery fragments were discivered and now hosted at the Archaeological Museum Village. On the beach you can go by road.

Mavrospilia Beach

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Deserted beach with fine pebbles and rocks, with strange underwater explorations. There is no any kind of organization, so you should arrange for the necessary (water, sunscreen, umbrella, hat, medicine and food).


Lakos Beach

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Small port where the beach is all yours. Take your mask and enjoy the tranquility.

Athinias Beach

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Small port where the beach is all yours. Take your mask and enjoy the tranquility.

Triades are three beaches next to each other with common characteristics of fine sand and crystal waters. The beach is located on the west coast of the island and if you do not go by the sea, you will get tired by the dirt road.

Like almost all beaches in the west side of Milos, Agathia is very difficult to access by land because of a bad road, but is totally worth it especially if you are unable to visit the beach by boat. Its turquoise waters and the wide sandy beach are waiting to reward you for your effort.

Set of three beaches to the four bays. The dirt road leading to them are in good condition and makes them accessible by all vehicles.


The beach of Lagada lies right next to Adamas and in fact is the natural extension of the harbor. After arriving in Adamas walk to your right and the road will lead you to Lagada, a beautiful beach with trees, well organized and usually not crowded.

Pachaina Beach

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Beautiful beach on the north side of the island, overlooking Glaronisia. Some trees provide shade to visitors.


Klima Beach

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Klima is a traditional fishing village with colourful houses extending all the way to the small coast. It is located below the village of Trypiti and the Catacombs.

Fourkovouni Beach

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Beautiful sandy beach next to a wonderful little Cycladic settlement. The sandy beach, the clear blue waters and the colors will remain unforgettable.

Plathiena Beach

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At the northern tip of Milos, 4km. northeast of Plaka, the island's capital, is one of the most photographed places in the Aegean, a small bay, home to the picturesque fishing village of Fyropotamos.

Mandrakia Beach

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Shortly before arriving in Sarakiniko make a stop in the seaside village Mandrakia, in order to enjoy a short swin in the small beach a few meters before. The beach is not organized but it is worth to swim in its crystal clear waters.


Resembling a magical moonscape this bone white rocky beach stands proud against the sapphire waters of the sea. It is considered one of the best beaches on the island of Milos as well as one of the most photographed beaches in the entire Aegean Sea.

Mytakas Beach

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Leaving Sarakiniko and going towards Pollonia and to your left you will meet the traditional village of Mytaka. Fishing boats and «wires» aren’t missing here either.


A beautiful beach surrounded by capes, caves, natural bridges and small beaches. Located in the village of Apollonia.

Very beautiful beach surrounded by capes, caves, natural bridges and small beaches. Located in the village of Apollonia.

Papafragas is a must visit beach of Milos island. In fact it is a sea cave, which was used in the past as a pirate base.

The bay of Pollonia lies on the north side of Milos and protects the beach from the wind, which is sandy and has a big area with sund beds and umbrellas. It is a typical beach for families with young children.

Just like the Triads, the beach of Ag. Ioannis consists of three (3) beaches.

Paliochori is one of the beaches you should definitely visit for a swim. You will get there by following the paved road after Zephyria with you own car or with any of the local busses.


Agia Kyriaki is very beautiful but with deep seabed. Located 8 km from Adamas Paleohori the village and the road to get there is very good.

Enclosed by the impressive geological rock formations this beautiful sandy beach can only be reached by boat. The golden sand and the emerald waters against the striking backdrop of the abrupt mountainous landscape will amaze all visitors.

Small beach on the south coast, near the beach Firiplaka, with white sand and blue waters unique. The road goes up a point and then you have to get off the trail to the beach walk.

The beach of Firiplaka is a fairly large beach, cut in half by a large rock (plate) which has been detached from the mountain. The first part of the beach is the one where you will find the beach bar and sunbeds, probably the second song on your own or with a camper company that has reached the other side of the beach.

Provatas is a seaside village with a beautiful beach with rare golden sand, rocks and shallow waters - ideal for small children, since the waters are extremely shallow. Because it is south of the island, the beach is usually calm.

Kipoi is a sandy beach and is located near Provatas and the Psathades and enjoys convenient road access. There is a restaurant and a small pier for diving, the only southern coast, from whence Kleftiko trips by boat twice a day and only make two stops: The Elder and Kleftiko, stopping hatred and one hour respectively.

Xylokeratia Beach

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The beach of Gerontas is located in the southern part of the island. It is easily accessible by boat.

Spilia Sykias The Cave of the Fig Tree in SW side of the island is unique because it hides inside a lovely beach. Also known as the Emerald Cave is an amazing part of the cave whose roof has collapsed resulting in the sunbeams that penetrate to create a unique spectacle consisting of thousands of colors.

Milos Diving Center

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Diving Center

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