Liturgy in the cave of Milatos at Milatos

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A Mass in the cave of Milatos. They eat and drink and feast follows on the beach of Milatos.

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Very nice, sandy beach, near the hotel Kalimera Kriti, located 27 kilometers northwest from Agios Nikolaos. Although is very close to the same coastline with the beaches of Agia Varvara, Sissi and Mpoufos is not affected by the winds.

Avlaki Beach at Sisi

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The beach groove (1 kilometer after the harbor in Sissi) is a beach with pebbles located 27 kilometers northwest from Agios Nikolaos. Not affected by the winds which is the main advantage because it is not particularly attractive.

The beach just west of the Milatos Beach is located 33 kilometers northwest from Agios Nikolaos, approximately 2 km from the village of Milatos. This sandy beach in front of the Hotel 'Minos Imperial' is the best in the region and this leads to a small dirt road from the beach of Milatos.

The small sandy beach of Milatos front of the small fishing village located 34 kilometers northwest from Saint Nicholas, 2 km north of the village of Milatos. The beach is well protected from the usual winds that blow in the region and has a small port that accommodates small fishing and tourist boats.

The second beach of Milatos, immediately after the fish restaurants, is located 35 kilometers northwest from Agios Nikolaos. The beach has pebbles and is quite exposed to winds of the region, especially in July and August.

Anogeia Beach

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Small, pebbled beach, with crystal clear waters. The beach is not organized and consists mainly of those seeking tranquility.

Milatos Cave

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Cave of Milatos is well known for the tragedy that took place in 1823. In winter of 1822-23, Hassan Pasha devastated the Lassithi Plateau.

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