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A picturesque inland large village, amphitheatrically built on the southern foot of Dikti Mountain, Viannos keeps the features of the traditional Cretan village with old houses, uphill narrow streets and stone fountains, with openings here and there, shadowed by old plane trees. The village is the birthplace of the Greek author Ioannis Kondylakis.

Apart from the various monuments and constructions, the area is worth visiting for the wonderful natural environment. Don't miss visiting the Omalos plateau on Dikti Mountain, where Kondylakis’famous literary figure Patouchas lives as a shepherd; it is also worth going to the Viannou - Amira gorge; the entrance is in short distance from Viannos.

The coastal area does not fall short in natural beauty. The gorge of Arvi with its 454 m high walls, the 200 m long cave Vigla with stalagmites and stalactites located at the top of the Kerato hill long sandy beaches, small secluded coves are some of the many attractions.

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Arvis Harbor

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Kastri Anchorage

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Arvis Beach

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Located on the southeast coast of the prefecture of Heraklion is 80 km from Heraklion. The beach is sandy and not very organized.

Dermatos Beach

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Beautiful beach with armirikia trees offering shade in the summer months. In the Anapodaris flows, the longest river in the prefecture of Heraklion.

Faflagkos Beach

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Keratokampos Beach

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The Keratokambos is a large beach with pebbles in some places the change in sand. In the eastern part of the beach dunes are isolated, allowing an undisturbed bath.


Listis Beach at Dermatos

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Extension of the beach is the beach Dermatas Robber. A wonderful place where a natural bay of huge volumes of rock forms a beautiful pebbled beach shelter.

Psari Forada Sidon, is a dark beach with thick sand and several tamarisk trees within 88 kilometers far from Heraklion. The beach is sheltered from the winds of the region.


Tertsas Beach

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