Krinaki Beach at Xerokampos

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The Krinaki beach got its name from the beautiful wild lilies that grow near the beach, located 3-4 km north of Xerokampos (dirt road) near the mouth of a river which is usually dry. The beach does not have any tourist facilities or other facilities for swimmers. Make sure you have the necessary or walk to the village of Xerokampos. Of course the serenity of the area, the wild beauty will compensate you. If you want to swim naked probably will not be a problem and most likely there will be very few people on the beach.

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Kato Zakros Beach

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The European path E4 after passing Zakros with its beautiful springs and remarkable gorge of the dead ends in the valley of Kato Zakros Minos four thousand years ago built one of his palaces. The settlement of Kato Zakros, which is only 8 km from Pano Zakros and 25 km from Palekastro is the most impressive small fishing village, tucked away in the southeast corner of Crete, behind the beautiful beach with tamarisk trees.

Xerokambos is a pristine area, 48 km from Sitia, 28 km from Palekastro and 10 km from Zakros. The stunning scenery assemble mountains, gorges, olive groves and fantastic deserted beaches with sand.


If a west wind blows then it is difficult to enjoy a swim at Goudouras.Then you can enjoy the crystal clear waters in Atherinolakos.

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