Koutelos Beach at Nomikiana

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Nice beach between Sfakia and Frangokastello. Extensive, with few trees for shade, and large, round pebbles. The beach is not organized but you can find there a restaurant. Just in case make sure you have the essentials. Road access from the village Nomikiana.

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Askyfou War Museum

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50 km south of Chania is the mountain village of Askyfou, Sfakia. There is an interesting war museum there, created by a local man, who was travelling all over Crete to collect every vestige of the battle, so as to keep alive the glorious memory of Cretan war history.

Fragkokastellou Anchorage

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The secluded beach of Agia Marina is located 84 kilometers far from Chania, very close, almost in succession to the beach Lakki. It is open to the South and affected by the strong south winds.

An hour away from Chania and just 1 km east of Frangokastello to stumble upon one of the best beaches with clear water and dunes, but influenced by southern winds. It took its name from the tall sand dunes that surround it.


Fragkokastello Beach

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Located 80 km south of Chania South coast of Crete and 13 km east of Sfakia. In front of the legendary castle stretches a vast sandy beach with shallow waters ideal for families with children.

If you walk at the harbor or take the road towards the village Patsianos will take you over a fairly large beach with fine pebbles, sand and rocky bottom. There is beach and will be with you the essentials.

Remote beach with sand. Access from the village of Saint Nectarios, or alternatively your own boat.

Located 75 km south of Chania South coast of Crete, 2-3 km from Sfakia, a beach with pebbles and rocks not affected by the summer winds. Isolated, although not organized quite popular with nudists.

Vritomartis Beach

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Located about 72 km south of Chania, on Crete's south coast, a few minutes drive from Sfakia. It is a fairly secluded pebbled beach with clear blue waters, influenced by southern winds.

Chora Sfakia Beach

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Located about 72 km south of Chania, in front of the village and with pebbles and sand. The area is not affected much by the summer winds.


Small beach, 2 km from Sfakia shingle and clear blue waters, just before the famous beach Vertigo. It is organized and will offer you the essentials.

Located about 74 km south of Chania and 2 km west of Sfakia. It is a beautiful pebbled beach with very clear water and a large cave where one can resort to some shade.


The only beach located 75 km south of Chania and 3-4 km west of Sfakia. It is a pebbled beach with very clean and fresh sweet water.

Walking the beach Vertigo towards Loutro and the footpath E4 will pass the Chapel of the Holy Cross and of course will start next to several small bays which dominate the pebble, sand and rock. There is no organization, and should arrange for all necessary.

Daskalogianni Cave

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In Chora Sfakion there is a beautiful cave named Daskalogianni cave.It can only be reached by boat, because it is located between rocks on the shore.

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