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The Municipality of Phaistos hosts natural areas of wildlife and has great anthropological and cultural elements covering installations from the Late Minoan period until today. The municipality is known as the alternative gate with beaches of rare beauty, such as, Matala, Kommos, Kalamaki and Kokkinos Pyrgos.

Guests may reach the area to discover cultural attractions, beaches, and mountains and the lake of Zaros, surrounded by the mountain of Psiloritis. Apart from the palace at Phaistos, the municipality includes the archaeological site of Agia Triada, the Kamares Cave of the Minoan Labyrinth.

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Agiofaraggo Rock Climbing Field

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Rock Climbing Field

Agiofarango is situated within an imposing gorge that runs down to the sea and is a popular sport climbing venue in Crete. The climbing is situated on both sides of the gorge, which means that climbers can have sun or shadow no matter the season or time of the day.


Kaloi Limenes Anchorage

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At ‘Vegera’ restaurant in Zaros village, visitors can participate in the cooking procedure, with local women showing traditional Cretan recipes. Visitors could help Vivi, the owner, during the preparation of the daily menu!

Cooked in virgin olive oil using only fresh ingredients, would be ready to be savored by visitors on spot.


The traditional cafenion of Sivas (cafe) is among the unique cafes in Greece. The walls are covered with Orthodox icons, proverbs, quotes and serenades.

Agiofarango is a small canyon south of Matala and west of the Kali ports in the prefecture of Heraklion. There are several ways you can go to Agiofarago.

Kalamaki Beach

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Beach sands of the Libyan Sea, caution in entering the water as it is slippery and there are large slabs. On the beach with sun loungers etc.

Beautiful sandy beach on the Libyan Sea, very close to Matala beach. It is a nudist beach and you can reach there either by boat or 30 minutes walking on the path that starts in Matala.

Sandy beach with shallow waters of the Libyan Sea, ideal for families. The beach is relatively organized.

Kommos Beach at Kalamaki

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Located after Kalamaki to Matala. On the south side of the beach is the archaeological site of Kommos.

Matala Beach

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The Matala beach is located 65 km southwest of Heraklion overlooking the Libyan Sea. The golden sand, clear water, rocks and mystic brings many visitors here.

Vathy Beach at Matala

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Beautiful sandy beach deserted the Libyan Sea. It is not organized.

Matala Caves

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No-one is actually certain when the caves of Matala were created. Current thinking is that they are Roman or Early Christian tombs.

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