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The wider region of the Municipality of Minoa Pediada is extremely rich in history since it was continuously inhabited from the pre-Minoan era until nowadays. The discovered archaeological areas in the region are many with the most important being the hill of Prophet Elias in Arkalochori.

The archaeological digs discovered a cave which contained a mass of golden and cupreous double axes, swords of Minoan era and other important discoveries. The natural beauty of the area competes in importance and value the archaeological discoveries.

The gorge of Anapodaris, the gorge of Mintris, the mountainous volume of Eastern Asterousia, of Panagia and Panorama. Natural springs and traditional fountains such as Mousouta, Zinta, Episkopi of Partira, Chandrou, Avli, Kastelliana, Panagia (Venetian fountain), Archontiko, and Choumeri are some of the significant locations.

The natural biotopes and technical aquatic biotopes such as the ones of Anapodaris, Chandrou, Zinta, Kassani, and of the artificial dams of Skinias, Karavado, Ini, Partira and Amourgeles constitute important areas of interest for the visitors.

Tsoutsouros is a haven; an unexpectedly picturesque and exquisite place with sparklingly clean sea, enriched with salt and ozone. The climate is wonderful with no moisture and that dryness contributes to the cure of breathing problems. The houses are built along the coastal street, just by the long sandy beach.

While most houses are new, some of them preserve the old traditional character, especially at the center of the village. There are many small cafes and tavernas all with wonderful patios where in the cool shade of the trees the visitors can enjoy the famous fresh fish of Tsoutsouros.

Beach facilities like sunchairs and umbrellas or sea sports are not yet provided but you will find showers to wash out the salt. A harbor - is now under construction and will be ready in the next couple of years. Facilities to yachts will be then provided, such as mooring, refueling, water etc.

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Tsoutsouros Anchorage

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Tsoutsouros Beach

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The beach Tsoutsouros is about 60 km from Heraklion, located south of the county overlooking the Libyan Sea. Large in size the beach is sandy and clean.

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