Mavros Molos Beach

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Kissamos Kastelli , is a small town west of Chania. Located 41 kilometers from Chania at the end of the National Road of Crete, in Kissamos and the small harbor area. The beach in front of the town is quite beautiful, sandy and well organized. It is a long sandy beach with many trees that fill the space in front of the city. The beach is open to the north and thus affected by the wind.

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Kissamou Harbor

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Kissamou Anchorage

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Mesogeia is a beautiful, often quiet beach with pebbles, a few kilometers west of Kissamos and relatively close to the village Kaliviani. Is not organized and not very popular, as this area there are many beautiful beaches.

A quiet pebbled beach, just a few kilometers west of Kissamos. There is a way for the region, though not particularly remarkable destination on this beach you can find seclusion and privacy.

Leivadia Beach

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It is part of a long beach which starts from Kissamos and reaches the Rodopou, near the village. The beach has beautiful sand and pebbles in some places.

Drapanias Beach

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Drapanias is a seaside village, just before Kissamos. Located 6 km east of Kissamos and 37 km from Chania.

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