Psanis Beach at Naupaktos

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Beach with small colorful pebbles in front of the town of Nafpaktos, right from the harbor to the west of the city. Very well organized beach with umbrellas, and many other services. The sea is quite clear, very deep with sea urchins and rocks. Feature, as in Gribovo plane trees near the beach that generously give coolness on hot summer days. Very near the beach will find cafes, restaurants and anything else you want.

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Nafpaktos Harbor

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Small harbor Nafpaktos, open S, is of circular shape and of 100 m in width. It has an entrance 25 m wide and depths of about 3 m along the axis, decreasing gradually inside it, over a bottom of mud.


Arachovitika Harbor

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The small harbor is protected by curved mole with a total length of about 140 m, from the head of which a light is exhibited. The outer side of the jetty is protected by rock ballasting, while the inner side is quayed and has depths of about 2 m near it.


Chiliadou Fishing Shelter

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Small Harbor


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Chiliadous Beach

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Of the busiest and sandy beaches. Very clean sea divided between sand and gravel .

Beach with blue flag beaches. There is deep.

Towards the end of the beach is the Psani Lepanto or a Kavos and the cape. Sandy beach.

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