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Nafpaktos, the capital of the Municipality of Nafpaktia, is a beautiful historic and picturesque town built amphitheatrically next to the sea. The beautifully preserved Venetian castle is one of the finest in the country. A site that is certainly worth of a visit. The beaches of Platanitis and Makyneia are also great for a swim. The road crossing Klokova offers a spectacular view across the City of Antirrio.

You can also enjoy the panoramic view of Antirrio from the chapel of St. George, located on the same hill, on the road to Molykreio - Agrapidokampos and the church of the Ascension in Molykreio. The theater at Makyneia is built in an excellent position from which the visitor can admire the panoramic view of the Antirrio area and the beaches of northwest Peloponnese.

Known since ancient times, Nafpaktos was the port and the military center of the Aetolian Confederacy. Due to its strategic position, it has often been the apple of discord among its conquerors. Nafpaktos is also known for the famous sea battle, during which the Turkish fleet was destroyed by the unified European forces in 1571. Miguel de Cervantes, the author of Don Quixote, took part in this battle as a soldier in a Spanish ship.

All the villages of this mountain region of Nafpaktia are breathtaking and noteworthy winter resorts as they offer many opportunities for mountain trekking with stunning treks. In the village Anavriti you can see the stalactites in the well-known cave Drakotrypa. One of the trails of the Rally Acropolis takes place in Nafpaktia. The village Platanos was inhabited by Epirots and Phanariots, who had been expelled by the Turks. There is a noteworthy Folk Art Collection in the village.

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Nafpaktos Harbor

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Small harbor Nafpaktos, open S, is of circular shape and of 100 m in width. It has an entrance 25 m wide and depths of about 3 m along the axis, decreasing gradually inside it, over a bottom of mud.

Kato Vasilikis Anchorage

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Makineia Small Port

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Small Harbor

Deserted Beach at Riza

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Deserted beach with pebbles and rocks halfway between Chania and Root Of course it is totally disorganized and you will have to take care of the necessities. Access from main road Patra - Agrinio, turn left onto dirt road to the beach.

Beach with blue flag beaches. There is deep.

Kato Vasilikis 1st Beach

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Kato Vassiliki is located at the foot of Varasova (the Holy Mountain of Aitoloakarnania) between Lepanto and Messonghi, a very nice and quiet fishing village. To reach the Lower Basilica follow the path from Rio - Antirio to 14.


Kato Vasilikis 2nd Beach

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After the harbor of the village you will find a beach with fine pebbles and sand. Quiet beach for those who prefer solitude.

The beach has showers and changing rooms and is suitable for young children with shallow waters and small pebbles. It is an organized beach and offered for rent loungers and umbrellas.

Towards the end of the beach is the Psani Lepanto or a Kavos and the cape. Sandy beach.


Beach with pebbles and sand, more beauty. Impressive is the huge rock (mountain) on the edge of the beach.

Small beach. Very clean beach sand and not deep.

Psanis Beach at Naupaktos

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Beach with small colorful pebbles in front of the town of Nafpaktos, right from the harbor to the west of the city. Very well organized beach with umbrellas, and many other services.

Riza Beach

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Small creeks in a wooded area with pebbles. Follow the signs from the main road Patras - Agrinio.

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