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Kalavryta is a town, a province and a municipality in the east central part of the prefecture of Achaea. It is located 77 km southeast of Patras (1.5 h driving through magnificent and eye-catching nature) and 180 km west of Athens. Kalavryta is a popular tourist destination throughout the year.

Some points of interest are the Ski Resort, the Vouraikos Canyon which can be approached through Odontotos (a rare example of a fully functional cog railway, offering a breathtaking view), the Cave of the Lakes (close to the village Kastria of the Municipality of Klitoria) where the natural beauty of the lakes and the stalactitic decor attracts a great number of visitors; a must-see for the lower of geology, petrology, anthropology and paleontology, the historic monasteries as well as the beautiful mountainous villages of the region.

The province of Kalavryta is comprised of many beautiful villages each offering a direct contact with mother nature. Natural beauty, old-stoned mansions and houses, magnificent routes that can be reached by bicycles, bikes, trekking or 4x4 wheel driving. Restaurants and taverns offer excellent local dishes; accommodation is provided through numerous traditional hotels and hostels.

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