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Messolonghi, the capital of the prefecture of Aitoloakarnania, lies at the entrance of Patraikos Bay between the estuaries of Acheloos and Evinos rivers. It is built at the inlet of the lagoon of Messolonghi and is unique in Greece thanks to the nearby wetlands where rare species of fauna and flora live. Mountains such as Varasova, Arakynthos, Taxiarchis and the numerous hills of the Echinades (islands) are reflected on the clear waters of the lagoon. The existence of such diversity in the landscape creates ideal conditions for the variety of plant and animal species found there.

The town itself is very picturesque but also modern with functional, regular urban planning. Some very interesting buildings representative of traditional architecture can be seen here. People whose names were related to modern Greek history once lived there. The mansion of the Trikoupis family, Palamas' House, Valvios Library, Christos and Sophia Moschandreou Gallery of Modern Art emphasize the fact that Messolonghi has always been a city of grandeur and intellect.

Additionally, the Center of Culture and Art, Diexodos, which hosts cultural events and exhibitions as well as the Museum of History and Art which is housed in a neo-classical building in Markos Botsaris Square hosting a collection of paintings indicative of the struggle of Messolonghi further boost the city's cultural and artistic profile. Today, the Entrance Gate remains intact and so does part of the fortification of the Free Besieged which was rebuilt by King Otto. Past the Gate, there is the Garden of Heroes where several famous and anonymous heroes who fought during the Heroic Exodus were buried.

The Garden of Heroes is the equivalent of the Elysian Fields for modern Greece. It is undoubtedly the most impressive park in the country. Every year the Memorial Day for the Exodus is celebrated on Palm Sunday. It is the most important local festivity in which the Greek State is represented by high rank officials and foreign countries by their ambassadors. Green parks, recreation areas, the lagoon, its history but also local pubs, taverns and fishmonger's shops make Messolonghi an attractive place.

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Petala Port

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Mesologgiou Harbor

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Harbor Mesolonggiou is formed by a diamond-shaped dredged basin with a width of 800 m and a length of 1000 m. The coasts of the harbor are quayed for about 562 m and have depths of 2.


Dioni Bay

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Oxeias Bay

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Mesolongi Fishing Shelter

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Small Harbor


Small sand at the beach bitch, have to swim around or walk over the cliff. For those really looking for the isolation and wilderness.

Louros Beach at Magoula

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The sandy beach Louros located at the southwest edge of the area of, bordering the Gulf of Patras and the Ionian Sea is the largest beach in Greece and the second in Europe with 17 km length is submerged daily by thousands of swimmers from the surrounding area who can enjoy a swim or a coffee in one of the many shops there. The beach is just 15 km from Neochori 33 km from Missolonghi, 50 km from Agrinio.

Skrofes Beach at Magoula

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A narrow strip of sand on one side is the lagoon and on the other Ionian Sea. Certainly the picture is breathtaking.

Tourlidas Beach

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Tourlidas will swim to the open Gulf of Patras. It lies 5 km from the city and the journey is fascinating, because the paved road goes into the lagoon.

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