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Dytiki Achaia is one of the most beautiful areas in Greece. Kato Achaia is the most important commercial and intellectual center in the area. The golden beach of Kalogria, an endless sandy beach with sky blue water together with the pine forest of Strofylia, compose an idyllic landscape famous all around Europe.

The Papas (Pope) lagoon and the wetland of Prokopou are part of a rare ecosystem of unique beauty and ecological value. Discover a lesser-known, yet mysteriously magnificent prehistoric acropolis in Achaia, 35 km southwest of Patras, in cape Áraxos: the Wall of Dymaeans (Teichos Dymaion, or Castle of Kaloyriá). The Wall of Dymaeans is the only example of fortified Mycenaean Acropolis in Western Greece.

Along the coastal strip starting southwest of Patras and extending down to the western border of the prefecture there is a series of scenic villages with significant tourist services. In the interior of Dytiki Achaia, in the area of Chalandritsa, the excavations of 1928 brought into light burial grounds of the Mycenaean era.

Similar remains were discovered in the community of Portes in 1995. Katarrachtis, Demesticha, and Leontio (where the ruins of an ancient city and a theatre of the 4th B.C. century are exposed) are three of the most picturesque villages in the area, along with Michas, which is set 1,100 m. above sea level.

The whole area is situated right on the site of ancient Tritaea, offering an amazing view. The surrounding area of Fares is equally remarkable for its traditional communes and the obvious traces back to the time of the Frankish rule. In Skiada, the ancient Tower of a Byzantine General, Doxapatri, has escaped destruction, whereas further south the scanty ruins of the castle of Paleologos lie.

Sandameri is the favorite area of parachutists who organize games of perpendicular and vertical free-falling. Last but not least, the cluster of monasteries in the Movri foothills (Agios Nikolaos Spata, Batha, Maritsa and Filokali) is a magnificent sight to see and attracts a great deal of visitors.

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Kalogrias Beach

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The famous Kalogria Beach is located approximately 45 km west of Patras. This is one of the largest and most beautiful beaches in Greece.



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