Paralia Glyfadas Small Port

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In front of the settlement Paralía Glyfádas there is a small E-facing harbor with an entrance opening of about 30 m. It is protected by a windward curved mole extending SE for about 150 m and by a leeward mole extending SW for 20 m.

The outer side of the windward mole has been covered with protective natural boulders. To the E of the leeward mole there is a jetty going SE for 30 m, with depths of less than 1 m near it.

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Trizonia Marina

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In the N part of the head of the bay Mesa Limani a marina has been built. Its entrance is open W, has a width of about 80 m and depths along its entrance axis of about 4 m.

Spilias Anchorage

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Chania Small Port

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Small Harbor

Spilias Beach

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Immediately after the settlement of Glyfada and about 30 km east of Nafpaktos to Itea is the small town of Spilia ( Cave). The beach in front of the village is with small pebbles and crystal clear waters.

Glyfada Beach

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Located just off the coastal road of the village. You can enjoy your swim with views of the island Trizonia and of course, like most beaches in the area dominated by small pebbles.


Trizonias Beaches

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The largest cluster of islands in the Corinthian desert islands along with Agios Ioannis and Planemi. The dominant version wants to got their name from combination of words three islands, but we prefer the more romantic explanation, that the tiny islands of Phocis, opposite from Aigion, baptized so many of the crickets and melodious song summer nights.

The beach Sergoula the clean beach is a resort center in the months of summer. The beach is 600 meters with small pebbles, crystal clear, popular and open horizon.

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