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The village of Distomo, the seat of the municipality, is found southeast of Arachova and 25 km west of Livadia. This combination of varied terrains with the picturesque traits of the Corinthian Gulf makes Distomo a very special area.

Although the main activity was related to the aluminium production –it is one of the main mining towns in Greece- tourism is gaining more and more importance, and the plethora of beaches has played an important role in this.

At the village three tombs from the pre-Mycenaean period were unearthed proving that its earliest occupation dates back to around 1500 BC.

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Antikyra Harbor

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In front of the small town of Antikyra there is a curved mole that extends SSW for about 125 m. Its head has depths of 3.

Agios Isidoros Anchorage

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Agios Isidoros Beach

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The beach in front of the settlement of Agios Nikolaos white house. Blue water and beautiful beach with small pebbles.

Small fishing village of the mid 20th century, grew dramatically, starting with the 1960 when the company Aluminium of Greece was moved here, with the alumina plant and aluminum near Antikyra. It lies 16 kilometers from Desfina and 200 kilometers from Athens.

Distomou Beach

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The Beach Distomo coast has white and gray pebbles that are organized with sunshade, cabins and showers throughout its extent, of about 4 km starting at the left of the beach and the port of Agios Nikolaos and extends to the border with Antikyra in the main tourist beach. If someone wants nightlife by the beach, especially on summer evenings, you can visit the nearby Antikyra.


Small beach with small pebbles and crystal clear waters. Although not organized, you can find everything you need in the nearby villages of Agios Isidoros and Antikyra.

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