Korinthos Diving Centre

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We provide a full program of educational seminars for both beginners and advanced, and the necessary diving equipment. Our center has a classroom equipped with modern visual means, such as, DVDs, computers, projectors etc. necessary for the theoretical training of the candidates, bottle filling station, storage for personal belongings, showers, shop for diving equipment, underwater fishing articles, water, POLO clothing and bags, equipment, windsurfing, kite surf and after sales service.

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  •  Ag. Nikolaou 45Α
  •  2741021753
  •  6936511065
  •  korinthos_diving@yahoo.gr
  •  Biniaris Dimitris
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Harbor Korínthou is artificial, its entrance is open E and protected by a windward W breakwater 540 m long, which extends NE for 255 m and continues E for 285 m. Its outer side, protected by rock ballasting, has a parapet and the inner side is quayed.

Corinth Marina

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Loutraki Small Port

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Small Harbor

The SW-facing small harbor is protected by an angled mole which extends for about 50 meters to SW and then turns for about 70 meters to SE. Its quayed inner coasts extend from the root for about 100 m SE, with depths of less than 2 m near them.

Kalamia Beach at Korinthos

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Kalamia is a beautiful pebbled beach organized in Corinth. You will also find cafes, restaurants and other shops.

It is the ideal beach for kite surfing due to the strong wind. Also there are no bathers in this beach.

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