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Crete (Kríti) is a great deal more than just another Greek island. Crete is the largest Island of Greece, almost a substantial land on its own with a tremendous and unique history. Periplus of Crete is a great sailing experience that we suggest you to explore.

At the same time, Crete has everything one can dream of for an authentic Greek holiday: great beaches secluded bays, remote landscapes, rivers, lakes, gorges, picturesque villages and hospitable people. Quieter and less commercialized places lie west, towards Chania, along the south coasts and east around Sitia. The high mountains of the interior are mostly untouched by tourism.

Heraklion, the capital, often gives a poor first impression but is well worth visiting for its excellent archaeological museum. Also the fabulous Minoan site of Knossos, Phaestos and Ayia Triadha are a must see of Crete. Further east, the up market resort of Agios Nikolaos provides sophisticated restaurants and hotels, while quiet, lazy Sitia is a perfect base for exploring the eastern coastline.

Rethymnon is a pretty old town with strong Venetian influence, a beautiful harbour and an excellent beach. Chania, in the extreme west even beats Rethymnon in terms of style and atmosphere. South of here is the famous Samaria Gorge, one of the best hiking experiences in Greece.

Above all, Crete is the home of the Minoans, Europe’s oldest civilization. The Minoans had a remarkably advanced society, and formed the center of a maritime trading empire around 2000 BC.

From the Greeks the island passed on to Roman occupation, then to the Saracens and later developed into an important part of the Byzantine empire. The Venetians occupied Crete and finally Turkey took over for more than two centuries. During World War II, Crete was occupied by the Germans and attained the dubious distinction of being the first place to be successfully invaded by paratroops.

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Agios Nikolaos

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Agios Nikolaos nestles alongside beautiful Mirabello Bay, on the northeast coast of Lassithi Prefecture in East Crete. It is an extremely popular resort drawing crowds of entertainment-seeking visitors every summer.

Agios Vasileios

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Agios Vasileios in Rethymno is a province of gently rolling hills and long sandy beaches whichbegins at Armeni in the north and ends on the south coast of the island.


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Amari located at the centercenter of Crete, is an ideal destination for the traveller who wants to discover the real and unknown Crete.


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Apokoronas extends from the foothills of the White Mountains north to the coast, in a wide plain with rolling hills. The area is very green and fertile, unusual for rocky Crete.


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Archanes-Asterousia is a municipality in Heraklion, CreteThe greater area is important for its numerous archaeological sites and well-known for some of the most amazing gorges in Greece.


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Chania is a place where different civilizations have flourished throughout the centuries. It is considered as one of the most beautiful cities of Greece and the most picturesque city in Crete.



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Chersonisos is located just 25km east of Heraklion, and it is the most cosmopolitan city in Crete, internationally known for its beautiful and scenic beaches and exciting night life.


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Gortyna is a municipality located to the south of Heraklion, in Crete. This municipality has a variety of attractions, among which the remains of ancient Gortyna and the town of Karytaina.


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The city of Heraklion is considered a most attractive Mediterranean capital where warm hospitality, rich architecture, culture and urban nightlife have successfully intertwined to provide every visitor a wonderful stay.



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Ierapetra, meaning Sacred Stone, is situated 35km away NE from Agios Nikolaos Enchanting for its history and its natural beauty, it is ideal for day trips to mountainous and seaside villages alike.


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The municipality of Kandanos - Selino extends from the west coast of Crete to the western foothills of the White Mountains and is famous for its beaches, especially the magic Elafonisi beach, as well as the city of Paleohora, a graphical city with rich nightlife.


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The municipality of Kandanos - Selino extends from the west coast of Crete to the western foothills of the White Mountains and is famous for its beaches, especially Elafonisi as well as Paleochora, a picturesque city with rich nightlife.



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Kissamos is a beautiful town lying 42 kilometres west of Chania surrounded by a beautiful landscape.


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Malevizi is one step from the plains of Heraklion, with its fertile farmland in the mountainous area of Mount Psiloritis, the mild climate with the abundant rainfalls during the winter months compose beautiful landscapes with variations of cultivated areas and natural ecosystems.

Minoa Pediada

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Minoa Pediada is one of the most populous municipalities of Heraklion Prefecture with a long history, rare natural beauties and kind people.


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Mylopotamos is situated east of the town of Rethymnon, a region of particular natural beauty with high mountains, wild nature, several small coves, hills and narrow sandy beaches.


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The Municipality of Phaistos located in South Central Cretehas a rich cultural reserve, significant agricultural production, and locations of great beauty.


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Platanias in Chania, Crete, is characterized by long sandy beaches and crystal blue waters. It isthe ideal destination both for families and party lovers.


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The city of Rethymno is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Greece. Venetian fortifications mingle harmoniously with Orthodox and Catholic churches, mosques, grand mansions of Venetian architecture, arches and cobblestone streets and all create an atmosphere of an age bygone.


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Sfakia is in the southwest of Crete and it is famous as the most authentic region of Crete. Here you can find the last pieces of the old Cretan culture and nature, far away from mass tourism.


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Sitia or Siteia is a small but charming town in Lassithi Prefecture, Crete, a land of contrasts, with high mountains, hills and valleys, caves and sandy beaches with little coves. The seafront with its palm trees and lovely promenade along the harbor makes the town even prettier and romantic.


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The area of Viannos covers the southern side of mountain Dikti from the small plateau of Omalos to the beautiful coastline, at a distance of 65 kilometres quite far from Heraklion., However, there are a lot of things worth seeing in the area, both monuments and scenery.

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