Sailing Holidays in Cala dell’ Acqua

Cala dell’ Acqua lies between Punta del Papa and Punta Corte, 550 m SSW. A disused metal pier extends 120 m SW from the head of Cala dell’ Acqua. The pier, its associated dolphin and mooring buoys were used to load minerals but are now in a state of disrepair and dangerous. Tankers supplying drinking water to the NW part of Isola di Ponza anchor S of the pierhead close off the Scorgenti district. With good local knowledge temporary anchorage can be obtained in a depth of about 17 m, 187° 300 m from Punta dell Papa. Small vessels may anchor in depths of about 5. 5 m, approximately 100 m off the N shore of the bay, or in depths of 5 to 6 m between the 3. 5 m shoal and the SE shore. The S shore of the bay, E of Punta Corte is fronted by rocks and shoals whereas the N shore can be approached close to.