Sailing Holidays in Bacoli, Amalfi Capri Ponza, Italy

Sailing Holidays in Bacoli

The city was founded by the Romans who called it Bauli: it was a renowned holiday resort. Today, Bacoli has an interesting archaeological site with the remains of the "Cento Camerelle" underground cisterns, the so-called Sepulcher of Agripppine and La Piscina Mirabilis, an immense reservoir supported by columns that formed 5 naves and collected Water of an aqueduct. Under the Emperor Augustus, the city became the principal military outpost and the preferred place of residence of the world of politics, culture and worldliness. The fall of the Roman empire and the phenomenon of bradysseism led to the decline of the city until the 19th century. It was at this time that the Europeans rediscovered the charm of the site. The municipality of Bacoli comprises two other towns, much appreciated by the well-to-do Romans, Baia and Misene; This last city was the seat of the Roman praetorian fleet, with its military school, whose protected port is in a crater connected to the sea