Sailing Holidays in Neo Klima Small Harbor, Skopelos, Sporades Islands, Greece with Sail la Vie!

Sailing Holidays in Neo Klima Small Harbor

On the shores of the village Néo Klíma, the homonymous port is situated. The port is open to the south, 25 meters wide, and it is formed between two moles. The east windward mole is curved and extends to the southwest for about 220 meters.

Its outer side is protected by natural boulders, while its inner side is quayed and only its extreme part, 30 meters long, consists of natural boulders and thus, berthing to it is not possible. The west mole extends to the south for 50 meters and it consists of natural boulders.

Inside, the port consists of a basin of about 100x50 meters, with depths of about 2 meters. On its northwest shores there is a slipway.