Sailing Holidays in Aliveri Harbor, Kymi-Aliveri, Sporades Islands, Greece with Sail la Vie!

Sailing Holidays in Aliveri Harbor

The small harbor of Alivéri is a small artificial harbor that lies at the northwest head of bay Alivéri, in front of Alivéri settlement. The harbor is protected from the waves raised by south winds by a mole that starts from the northwest shores and extends to the east for 210 meters. The part that is close to its head consists of a slope of masonry.

Two wooden jetties, 14 and 10 meters long; the first one located on the base of the mole and the second one 60 meters east of the other. From the internal corner of the mole a quay, 210 meters long, extends to the north and then to the east for 100 meters. The depths near the quay are approximately 2 - 3 meters. About in the middle of the quay there are two floating jetties, each 50 meters long .