Sailing Holidays in Almyros, Sporades Islands, Greece

Sailing Holidays in Almyros

Almyros produces wheat, tobacco, and other crops. Visit the ruins of the ancient city Alou, the archaeological museum which includes local artifacts and exhibits from the Neolithic period, through Mycenean, Geometric, Classical, Hellenistic periods, and later Roman years.

The Kouri forest, about 2 km from the town of Almyros, encompasses coastal wetlands, brackish marshland, and over 10 sq² km of lowland oak forest. The forest provides a home to deer, roe deer, and other small fauna, while the area is important to migratory birds, such as the mute swan, spoonbill, glossy ibis, and various herons.

There are footpaths, as well as a miniature train for a brief tour through the woods and over small bridges. Kokkotos, which is 27 km from Almyros, is a very interesting village, situated at an altitude of 800m. You can visit the monastery of Panagia Xenia by driving through the magnificent route near the slopes of the mountain of Othris. There are several sandy beaches in the area, from the bucolic and peaceful to ones perfect for families.