Sailing Holidays in Old Harbor or Baltiza, Spetses, Saronic Islands, Greece with Sail la Vie!

Sailing Holidays in Old Harbor or Baltiza

The Old Harbor or Báltiza is the only yacht harbor in the island. It is almost always crowded and has been used for a long time. As a result fouled anchors are quite common.

The most protected area is the inner harbor but finding an empty space there is rare except in early or late season, when sometimes a space can be found bows or stern-to next to the fuel quay.

Alternatively, one may stay for short periods (e.g. a quick trip ashore) on the fuel quay itself, with the permission of the harbor staff. Water and electricity are available on the quay - if you can moor there.

Both the West and East shores of the outer harbor are full of rocks, so the only other option is to anchor in 4-5 m and take a long line ashore, where there are plenty of places to tie the line. The holding is not always good.

Warning: Avoid the Old Harbor during weekends; boats from Athens will surround you and you may not be able to leave until Monday.