Sailing Holidays in Patroklos Beach

The island of Patroklos (Gaidouronisi) located in the Saronic Gulf, 3 km north of Sounion and 65 km south of Athens. The total area is 4200 acres, while the nearest point from the southwest coast of Attica is 850m. It is a rocky volume almost round, the top is 240m., While the longest is over 2 km and the largest width of 1.5 km belongs to the municipality Keratea as the opposite coast of Attica, Charakas. The islet is mentioned by Pausanias in 'Attic' and is associated with Chremonideio War (262-266m.Ch). Its name comes from the admiral Patroclus from Egypt (not the Homeric Patroclus) who came to help the Athenians, who wanted to freed from the hegemony of Makedonon.Aftos occupied and garrisoned island and across the beach camp and Ruler ie since it bears the name of the Ruler. For those who own the boat Patroklos island offers some absolutely deserted beaches. The island has several creeks ikanopoiontas all tastes from beach up rachodi coast. Of course there is no organization and you need all your essentials. An ideal place for snorkeling.