Sailing Holidays in Psara Harbor, Psara, North East Aegean, Greece with Sail la Vie!

Sailing Holidays in Psara Harbor

The harbor of Psara is the only one. It is a small harbor very well protected all year but space is limited. Around 6-8 yachts can anchor moor stern-to on the west quay. Alternatively moor on the outer quay clear of the ferries; it is, however, very exposed there in northerly winds. Water and electricity points on the west quay but not connected.

Depths are too shallow to moor elsewhere in the harbor, which, in any case, is mostly occupied with fishing boats. The bottom is mud and weed with some rocks and provides good holding. The anchorage in the cove immediately NE of the harbor, shown in some pilots, was mostly obstructed at the time of visiting with huge concrete blocks being used to repair the outer harbor wall.

Caution: Watch out for the reefs around Antipsara and Katonisi islands. With very strong NW winds entering the harbor can be very hard.