Sailing Holidays in Neas Kallikrateias Harbor, Nea Propontida, North East Aegean, Greece with Sail la Vie!

Sailing Holidays in Neas Kallikrateias Harbor

The small port of Néa Kallikráteia is a fishing shelter that has been constructed in front of the settlement of Néa Kallikráteia (6.204 residents), a town in Chalkidikí.

The small port is open to SW. Its entrance is about 100 meters wide with depths about 3 meters at the axis and formed between the heads of the angled mole and the mole which situated just opposite from the former.

The port is protected from the waves raised by south and southeast winds by an angled mole, which is 310 meters long approximately and extends to the south for 150 and to the west for 160 meters. Its outer side consists of natural boulders while the inner one is quayed with depths of 2 meters near it.

From the NE winds it is protected by a mole with a SW direction length 110 meters. A light operates at the head of the mole. Two wooden jetties are at the NE shores of the port and in front of them there is a floating breakwater oriented NW-SE with a total length of 40 meters.