Sailing Holidays in Homerion theater

The Homerion Theater & Cultural Center of Chios has opened in 1980. It is located at the center of the town and is the only one in Chios island. It can seat 462 people. The main purpose of this Cultural Center is to enhance knowledge into arts and education. The Center also seeks to promote educational, scientific and cultural events among Chios and other cities of Greece. It iconsists of an Auditorium, with great acoustics and lighting systems, a Conference Hall, two Galleries, many thematical rooms, and a Library. The Center organizes cultural exhibitions, theatrical and dancing performances, film presentations, concerts and photography and painting exhibitions. The Homerion Cultural Center also hosts workshops, offering courses in painting, traditional music, photography, drama and jewelry. It has contributed a lot to the education of young people and has helped many of them discover their talents.