Sailing Holidays in Nestors Palace

Nestor`s Palace is located about 18 km north of Pilos town. It was built about 1300 B.C. and is the best preserved of the existing Mycenean palaces. It consists of 105 ground floor apartments, but the most important compartments of the palace are the big “throne room” with its circular heath, a room with a clay bath tube, and stores with numerous storage jars.The basic design of the palace resembles those at Mycenae or Tiryns, with an internal court leading off to the other sections of the palace, though reminiscent of Knossos.The palace site is open in the summer from Tues-Fri 8am-7pm, Sat-Sun 8:30am-3pm and in the winter daily 8:30am-3pm with only 3 euros ticket.