Sailing Holidays in Evrotas, Myrtoan Sea, Greece

Sailing Holidays in Evrotas

The economy of the region is based on farming and stock-raising. The climate and altitude of the region favor the production of olive oil. The honey produced is also excellent. Biological cultivation mainly of olive trees is very common as well as biological stock-raising on a small scale.

The countryside is ideal for walks, especially in the spring, on the sweet-smelling hills around the villages of Daphni, Vasilakio, Krokees and Lagio with a magnificent view towards Mt. Taygetos. In the summer it is worth visiting the little hamlet of Koumani at Vasilakio, with its lovely taverns under the cool, ancient plane trees.

There are taverns that also serve traditional dishes, such as, home-made pasta ("gogizes"), pies and other local delicacies. The visitor may buy local pasta, feta, myzithra cheese and olive oil.