Sailing Holidays in Zacharo, Ionian Islands, Greece

Sailing Holidays in Zacharo

Zacharo is a hamlet situated in the prefecture of Elis and is also the seat of the homonymous municipality, which belongs to the province of Olympia. It includes all other traditional, contiguous villages.

The eastern part of Zaharo spreads over a hillside, while the west part extends over a flat area surrounded by hillocks and fertile stretches that end up in a sandy 5km beach.

At the northernmost point, there is a lake called Caiaphas, where one can also see the famous mineral springs and enjoy the many spas. The town of Zacharo has been relatively recently established, given that there is no information on any such settlement before the 1821 Revolution.

The Beach of Zacharo has been repeatedly awarded by the European community with the blue flag, due to its beauty and cleanliness. In fact, the Caretta Caretta turtles find shelter there during the summer.

The area includes significant monuments and is close to the ancient sites of Olympia (25 kilometers) and Figalia, leading to the magnificent temple of Apollo Epicures (15 kilometers).

At this place, visitors can undoubtedly enjoy the comforts of a growing spa town as well as a landscape of exceptional beauty.