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Sailing Holidays in Paxos - Gaios Harbor

The port of Paxoí (Gáios) is a natural harbor formed in front of the houses of the city of Paxoí, which is the capital of the island. The port can be approached by the N entrance having a width of approximately 230 m or by the S which has an entrance width of approximately 30 m and 2 m depth.

The N entrance to the port (Manéskos in local dialect) is open to the N and is located between cape Kiávari (Geromonachós) and the NW coasts of the Panagía islet. The area located in the S and the SW of the above entrance almost constitutes a closed area, sheltered from all kinds of weather. The depths in the N-most interior part of the port may vary from 8 to 10 m becoming deeper towards the N entrance, which is used for the approach and the anchorage of vessels.

The S entrance (Baratariá in local dialect) is facing E and is sheltered from the waves caused by E winds through two breakwaters from which the S one extends for about 45 m to the N and the N one extends also to the S for about 50 m. The depths on the entrance axis are of 2 m becoming deeper to the inner part and can reach a depth of 3.1 m. Due to the shallow waters close to the entrance, it is recommended to avoid its approach.

From the S entrance of the port, the outer shores of Ágios Nikólaos islet extend to the N for 0.3 miles up to the shallow waters strait of Póro Diapóri, which is formed between the above mentioned islet and the Panagía islet and has an opening width of 135 m. A breakwater of natural blocks has been constructed to Póro Diapóri Strait with a length of 140 m, which protects the inner part of Paxoí port from the wavings caused by E winds.

S of cape Kiávari and in parallel to the coast, lies the central quay of the port (new port) oriented SW – NE with a length of 200 m and depths near it reaching approximately 5 m. A light operates at its N extremity. A 100m wide part of it has been widened and at its N extremity there is a ramp used by ferries that connect the island with Igoumenítsa and Kérkyra.