Sailing Holidays in Aggelokastro (Castle of Angels)

After the village of Lakones, there is Angelokastro or Angles Castle or Castle Michel Angelo, which is a Byzantine fortress. The castle`s main purpose was to protect the inhabitants from the pirates and the Venetians. In 1403 locals fought against the pirates of Genoa and kept the castle their own.Aggelokastro was built in the 13th century by Michael Angelo B` and legend says that he was looking for the most dangerous and the sharpest rock to build an impregnable castle.On the inside there are only ruins of the chambers and the storage rooms, but there is also a chapel dedicated to the archangels Michael and Gabriel; here one can admire and look upon a remarkable fresco of the Virgin Mary.Down, hidden in a cave there is the chapel of St. Kyriaki.The castle stands 609 metres on a high rock and the views from there are amazing!The best time to visit Aggelokastro is late in the evening after the swim at Paleokastritsa, in order to enjoy the most impressive and romantic sunset in Corfu!